Love You to Mars & Back

JUNE 18, 2022




It all started with a
Swipe Right

Two lonely singles looking for love matched on Tinder Memorial Day Weekend of 2018 when they were in each other's radius in Ocean City, NJ

"Hey look...
I can see Mars!"

Nicole made it pretty clear she wanted nothing to do with a long distance romance, but Kyle stayed persistent. After daily phone calls and facetimes (only half of which Nicole answered) – they finally met on June 16. Kyle walked two blocks down the beach with his best friend Harrison to meet Nicole and her roommate Megan.


He kept inviting her to have dinner later that night at his Pop's beach house to meet his whole family and some friends, but Nicole refused. She barely knew this Tinder guy! Eventually he got a clue and they met up on the beach at 10pm that night for a one-on-one date, where Kyle claims Nicole kissed him first. They sat in the lifeguard stand till about 2am looking at the ocean, talking and Kyle pointing out Mars. (all the while Nicole's mom was worried!)

"I wish there was a word between I like you and
I love you"

Kyle was off work for the following week before starting his new job at Geodis and Nicole worked close to the shore at One Trick Pony, so the two of them decided to take the opportunity before being long distance and go on dates all week! 

Their first date was out to dinner at Baia in Somers Point. The next day Kyle visited Nicole at work and they tried to go out to lunch without being spotted, but Nicole was immedately asked questions when she got back into the office. The next night Kyle charmed Nicole with his excellent grilling skills. As they were talking, he said "I wish there was a word between I like you and I love you." and a minute later he said "You know what? I love you!". Nicole didn't immediately say it back but it didn't scare her away which meant something to her. 

The next night Kyle made Nicole meet half his family for clam night at DiOrios, and later that night, she said I love you back. 

By Friday Kyle was meeting Nicole's family and taking shots of fireball as his warm welcome in!


From Hershey, PA
to the South Philly
Italian Market

Kyle was really in love because this anti-city boy took a two+ hour drive every single weekend to visit his city girl in the Italian Market. They continued this long distance romance for over two years and saying goodbye on Sunday nights became harder and harder as the relationship grew!

"Please don't propose during a
Global Pandemic"

Kyle constantly told Nicole she was the one, so the idea of a proposal was no surprise. She just had one small problem. She wanted to be able to hug her family and celebrate with loved ones if they got engaged. She knew that wasn't possible during the pandemic because she couldn't be around anyone without a mask and 6ft distance, plus all of the jewelry stores were closed. 

Kyle acted like he nearly forgot their two year anniversary and invited Megan and Harrison down the shore for the weekend. Nicole threw a fit all week, knowing her mom wouldn't allow guests outside their "covid bubble" to the shore house. Weirdly her mom was okay with it but Nicole didn't put two and two together. 

"Hey Nik! You got
a new Etsy order!"

Kyle and Nicole spent every Saturday on the 26th Street beach in Ocean City "to the left of the lifeguard stand" because that is where Kyle's grandparents and family always preferred, so it held a big significance to him. He knew Nicole's biggest joy was hearing the "cha-ching!" on her phone every time she got an order for her store on Etsy, so the weekend of their second anniversary (June 13, 2020) he decided to pop the question on the beach by placing a custom order to her store. She was too excited to finally see her friend Megan that she brushed Kyle off when he told her she got an order. After a little bit of coaxing, she finally checked her phone, saw the order from him and just assumed it was a cruel joke.  

"Yes! Of Course!"

To Nicole's complete surprise, Kyle got down on one knee, told her she was the most perfect woman and best doggy mom to Coral, and asked to marry her. Without a single doubt in her mind, she replied, "Yes! Of course!".  The whole beach applauded and Kyle's Aunt Betsy immediately ran up and gave Nicole the first hug she had from someone aside from Kyle since the pandemic began. For that one short day, they took their chances and celebrated with their closest friends and family. They spent the rest of the day eating cake and drinking champagne at Nicole's shore house. It was extra special after being distant from family and friends for months.


Nicole had always wanted Kyle to give her a ring he was given by his grandparents but he surprised her with a brand new ring inspired by the heirloom she loved (as well as got that one resized!). 

No longer long distance

In the early fall of 2020, Kyle took a position at his company in New Jersey and they bought their first home together in Barrington, NJ. Kyle is obsessed with his lawn and Nicole has been enjoying designing the interior. They tested their relationship by building a brand new master bathroom from scratch with Nicole's dad teaching them, but are always there to support each other!


Wedding Day



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Spend the

Château-Renault will be available for the bridal party only.

All other guests will be welcome to stay at a near by hotel at a discounted rate. (to be determined). 

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Friends & neighbors
since kindergarten


Friends since childhood


Work besties from One Trick Pony & post-college roommates


Friends since Coral Reef / brother from another mother

Bridal Party


College roommates at



Oldest Cannon brother


Family friends since
six months old


Middle Cannon Brother


Nicole's cousin


Friends since working at UPS


Nicole's sister-in-law


Nicole's brother



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